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Local Control & The Provision of Aggregate

Local ordinances have discouraged the opening and operation of quarries by imposing new operational restrictions and increasing compliance costs. For DOT road construction projects, vast amounts of aggregate are needed and the further a supplier is from a project, the more expensive it is to transport material to job sites. Unnecessarily burdensome restrictions and requirements for quarries have resulted in fewer suppliers who are located further from job sites and has driven up Wisconsin’s cost of construction significantly.

APW has been actively working with all involved stakeholders on meaningful reforms that provide uniformity in quarry regulation. If you wish to provide any additional perspective on how this issue has impacted you, please contact APW’s government relations team.

Supporting Documentation

Supplier Distance & Project Costs

Quarry Regulation & Project Costs

Government Relations Team

APW employs Schreiber GR Group to represent its interests concerning state legislative and regulatory issues. The firm has five registered lobbyists on staff, with Annie Early, Jeremy Shepherd and George Ermert serving as our lead lobbyists. Legislative Bills and Administrative Rules are routinely monitored to identify issues of potential impact on our industry. Policy positions and direction are established by the Board of Directors and reviewed monthly at regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. Questions pertaining to legislative or regulatory issues should be directed to George Ermert in the Madison office at (608) 259-1212, or by e-mail to

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